Propolis is an unique substance, wherein almost all the microelements are contained, which a human needs: chrome, iron, cobalt, copper, nickel, silicon, strontium, titanium, vanadium, zinc, tin and so forth. Calcium, marganese, zinc are contained in a great measure. Nature vitamins content: В1, В2, В3(РР), В5, А, Е, С. Also a great number of  amino acids is present. Unique is a presence of the full list of the substances, indispensable for a human, what is a great rarity in the nature. When this complex gets into our organism, the last one supplies them for the "Ministry of Defense" (immune system) for  a building of the high order protective cells with powerful systems of spotting and neutralizing of  dangerous agents, "T" and "B" lymphocytes  in a moment. This very mechanism  features a great meaning in the solidifying of our immune system. A significant therapeutic importance of the propolis is being provided by flavanoids, enzymes (ferments) and natural antibiotics. The main thing is that all of that is natural, easily digestible both for cell and microbiological assistants of a human, but also dangerous and destructive for viruses, bacteria and fungus at the same time.

Such an amazingly powerful substance with a huge field of appliance is unreachable for a regular human  to use in a full extent. A bit sadly, isn't it? The case is that all these healthy and curing components, so scrupulously and wisely assorted by bees, are being fused together by resins, which aren't to let digest and egest themselves by human organism. They remain in kidneys forever, impairing their functioning gradually. Eventually this may even cause a failure of these critically necessary organs.

This fact used to give any possibility to use all the power and energy of the propolis at the curing and regenerating of a human body. Scholars were compelled just to dissolve it in spirit, which is itself a protoplasmic venom, devastating for everything living and valuable in human cells as well as in proplis. The received in such a way drug continued to contain a dangerous resin, turned to a liquid (which hardened after the chemical dissolver has been vaporized) and could being applied only for external usage  and fulfill the same function, which spirit did - disinfection and firm coloring in a yellow-brown color. Obvious, it was just a waste of an invaluable resource, which leaved such a close and desired power of nature out of reach.

It could be otherwise, if propolis could being dissolved in the water, of which we consist for 70-80%. What a feast would that be! Do you imagine the possibilities of this form? In such a state propolis could become nearly the only omni-purpose mean of an efficient nourishment therapy. Just consume it bit by bit in morning and ensure the life process and protection of your own organism for the whole day. In fact - healthy, available and once more healthy. A possibility to intrude into every cell, rebuild and correct its functioning, satiate it with all the necessary and protect from advanced ageing, destroying uninvited guests through pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungus. Yup, it isn't the whole potential power of the appreciated propolis content, which has such an unattractive appearance and a state, totally unacceptable for usage :(

What a yearnful situation...

But in year 2015 after long years of research and experiments, a substantiation method of resin with water was invented in Ukraine!


Everyone of us is unique and spectacularly built-up. Bees always considered propolis as an influential cure and are still indifferent to what official mankind's chemico-pharmaceutical medical science asserts. I do personally share their opinion and respect another one, although I don't agree with it. A headache testifies not to a lack of aspirin in organism, admit the fact, the reason lies in other. Just open the guidebook of a modern doctor and check the advices regarding the curing of any disease. «Symptomatic» is the most widespread aimed at the masking and whitewashing method of curing. If an organ doesn't lend to "rough persuades" and withstands to the aggressive chemical attack it is being removed or written to the disabled. Only some of them, dedicated doctors, shall give an wise advice, barely concerning  the best medicine manufacturer for a high price in a vivid package, but your lifestyle that needs changes, your destroyed and neglected immune system (would you forget about it - here's the oncology), unconscious nutrition, gained pernicious habits, lack of sleep (it's very sufficient remark, by the way, 'cause exactly during the deep phase of sleep our organism manages to regenerate himself. Noon happens this never. A human which neglects the sleep at night, ages much more faster and gets a lot of chronic diseases).


So let's begin to get acquainted with the observations and recommendations of experts on the possibility of effective use of propolis of the new generation "PROPOLEKS" tm.

Blocks radiation
Takes off an increase sensitiveness
Ruins toxines
Removes itch
at psoriasis
Takes off artherial pressure
Protects the liver
Protects kidneys
Organism protective reactions
Preserves useful microflora
Stimulates hematogenesis
Regulates hemopexis
to blood
Cleaning organism
Improves of gigestion
Increases duration
Improves eyesight
Improves brain activity
Regulates activity of ductless
Strengthens dental enamle
Renews elasticity
Control of cell development


Having high concentration of components «PROPOLEX»tm does not need big dosages (1,7-2,5 ml., depending on the chosen concentration), and remains in the middle of cells for a long time, working for you. Thus, 3 – 4 weeks course (4 for times a day by 1,7-2,5 ml. of the concentrate dissolved in 50 ml. of water, take 20-30 minutes before eating) will provide the work of propolis in the middle of cells during 2 – 6 months. The course is worth repeating in half a year. It can be used constantly, but only once in the morning, 20-30 minutes before breakfast (keep 5 minutes under the tongue, then drink with water). This way of usage is the best, because this medication is quickly absorbed through subglossal vein and maximum acts on eye vessels brain vessels (cleans and strengthens them, makes elastic, normalize blood density) that promotes quick restoring of liveliness, makes better eyesight and brain activity. I pay your attention on the fact, that a 100 ml-used bottle will give more benefit than the chewed and spoilt 10 kg of pure, expensive propolis (don’t try to check – it’s very dangerous). High-quality raw material, that is produced by the bees of our country, has limited quantity.  The ready product is produced only for the inhabitants of Ukraine, but numerous proposals from abroad already start coming. So far – so good, probably, we’ll share a bit :).

Wish you safe and fast recovery. Use for health and don’t waste your life on diseases and chemical, expensive, harmful medicines. Because we are not a bunch of chemical elements, but people – the apexes of Lord’s creation!


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